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Wearwell is the premier manufacturer of Anti-Fatigue Mats.

Production Automation carries a selection of Wearwell mats for several applications, including industrial, cleanroom and critical environments. Wearwell mats are made to meet the standards and goals of their customers, including cost control, productivity improvement, and safety.

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The Importance of Anti-Fatigue Mat Ergonomics, by Wearwell

Wearwell Anti-Fatigue Mats Wearwell Non-Conductive Switchboard Mats
Anti-fatigue matting is used in a wide range of applications in order to provide the most ergonomic and safe environment for standing workers. Industrial, food production, critical environments, labs and pharmacies are just a few areas where use of ergonomic matting has increased worker comfort and productivity. more info
Most commonly called Switchboard matting, Wearwell non-conductive mats insulate workers, protecting from deadly shocks generated by high voltage equipment. Wearwell offers mats that meet both ASTM D178-01 (No. 701 and No. 702) & Military 15562F (No. 710, No. 711 and No. 712) specifications. These mats are tested and proven to have a high Dielectric strength. However, to provide a large margin of safety the maximum recommended voltage exposure is much less. This is important since the switchboard mats are true safety mats, designed to save employees lives. more info
Wearwell ESD Mats Wearwell Runners
Wearwell conductive mats are designed to control the risk of static discharge by quickly draining it from workers. To eliminate hazards and protect sensitive equipment from static electricity, Wearwell offers both Electrically Conductive and Static Dissipative mats. Conductive mats disperse the static electricity quicker than static dissipative mats. more info
Protect floors with runner matting. Aavailable in a variety of surface patterns. more info
Wearwell Entryway Mats Wearwell Specialty Mats
Protect floors with Wearwell runner matting. Great for your facility and the environment, these mats are compiled with <33% to 100% post industrial recycled material. Matting that is designed to protect from heavy to moderate foot traffic, these runners are available in a variety of surface patterns. more info
Specialty products to reduce mat movement or prevent semitruck movement. more info