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8622 ACL Flux Out Lead Free, 12oz. (12 Cans/Case) 8621 ACL Flux Out Rosin Flux Remover, 10oz. (12 Cans/Case) 8690 ACL Conformal AR, 11oz. (12 Cans/Case)
Powerful flux remover for high temperature, lead-free flux removal. Plastic safe flux remover for cleaning all rosin and rosin-based no-clean flux. The acrylic coating engineered for insulation against electrical shorts and high voltage arcing.
8601 ACL Electri Rise PF, 12oz. (12 Cans/Case) 8660 ACL Freeze Jet Anti-Stat, 15oz. (12 Cans/Case) 8604 ACL Precision Rinse VT, 11oz. (12 Cans/Case)
The extra-strength universal cleaner and degreaser. Safe for use on plastics. High-performance, pinpoint-accuracy freeze spray that safely cools individual static-sensitive components. Engineered to replace HCFC 141b.
8606 ACL Contact Restore, 12oz. (12 Cans/Case) 8620 ACL Flux HD Heavy Duty, 11oz. (12 Cans/Case)
One-step contact cleaner and lubricant. Heavy-duty flux remover for removing encrusted no-clean and rosin flux.