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The world's FIRST and ONLY free-floating, static-control flooring system utilizing a patented "Hidden Zipper-Lock"

StatPro Interlocking Floor Tiles are veratile enough for
a variety of applications such as:

Technology Environments
Electronics manufacturing
Printer curcuit board assembly
Semiconductor device fabrication
High-reliability design/Test labs
Component assembly
Pick & place/reflow/wave solder/SMT
Computer repair/bench top workstations

Mission Critical
Raised access floor environments
Large data centers/server rooms
Central apparatus/master control rooms
CCTV monitoring centers
Federal/state/municipal operations centers
911 Dispatch/aviation communications
command/control/disaster recovery rooms

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Here are some examples of installed Interlock Flooring.
Seamless design makes your space look professional, and makes it easy to maintain cleanliness.

Interlock Flooring Example 1 - Rockleigh, NJ
Crestron: Rockleigh, NJ
Interlock Flooring Example 2 - California
Advanced Scientific: California