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StatPro Flooring is the first and only company in the world to manufacture and patent a free-floating, interlocking, ESD floor system, utilizing proprietary technology and recycled materials. When the tiles are snapped together, they become electrically connected, eliminating the need for expensive conductive adhesives and copper foil strips. StatPro's covering systems provide total electrostatic discharge protection for the entire static free zone. Once completely installed and properly grounded, you are guaranteed to maintain a relative neutral state with your work environment.

StatPro ESD Flooring provides unparalleled electrostatic discharge protection in the area of electronics manufacturing and Data Center/Server Room environments.

As we all go about our daily tasks, static voltage differentials can potentially build up within our very own bodies. Given the extremely susceptible nature of electronic components to stray electromagnetic fields and static discharges, the simple act of getting in close proximity to these devices can have disastrous effects. Our flooring systems are specifically engineered to ensure that your valuable equipment and components are kept safe from such damage caused by ESD. Lastly, given that our systems don't require adhesives or foil strips, installation is quick and simple. StatPro is the solutions you've been looking for.

StatPRO ESD Flooring

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