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Ergomat Hygiene Mats Wearwell F.I.T. Kits Wearwell No. 222 Sanitizing Foot Mat
This Hygiene cone profile mat is designed for areas where cleanability and daily sanitation are crucial (chlorine, etc). It resists repetitive chemical washes and retains its ergonomic properties throughout the warranty period. It is typically used in hospitals, laboratories, food processing facilities and commercial kitchens.
  • Color: Offered in Green, Gray and soon Blue and Red.
  • Warranty: 3 years more info
  • F.I.T. Kits include all parts necessary to create a complete mat. No tools or cutting required.

    Choose from Standard open grid, Grit Shield for extra traction, or Red/Green tiles for eyewash and emergency shower areas.
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    Especially effective in food processing facilities, the mat is filled with a diluted chlorine or quanternary solution to disinfect employees' shoes.

    Standard Wall: 1/2"
    Tall Wall: 2-1/2"
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    Wearwell No. 447 WeldSafe Mat Wearwell No. 482 Grade "A" Food Production Mat Wearwell No. 698 Safety Track Black
    Formulated to repel sparks and hot metal shards, WeldSafe's thick rubber surface has a melt point of over 500°F and offers unparalleled comfort during long shifts.

    Thickness: 7/8" or 9/16"
    33% Recycled Material
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    Grade A features a Nitrile rubber compound designed to withstand fluids and oils commonly found in food processing environments.

    Thickness: 1/2"
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    Use Safety Track for long lasting traction on interior ramps, ladders and walkways. Safety Track adheres to clean, dry surfaces including wood, metal, or concrete for that extra bit of traction. more info
    Wearwell No. 580 Autoclavable Mat Andersen No. 433 Kneeling Comfort 7/8" Anti-Fatigue Mat Andersen No. 437 Frontier Mat Mat
    Autoclavable Mat's domed design provides comfort during extended shifts or surgeries. Its non-porous rubber compound is 100% anti-microbial and will withstand extensive sterilization/autoclaving. Latex-Free.

    Thickness: 1/2"
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    Kneeling Comfort mats are designed to help relieve knee trauma and back stress for workers that kneel for extended periods. more info
    Outdoor unbacked vinyl loop Scraper mat designed to filter out dirt and moisture at door. more info
    Andersen No. 509 & 510 Hog Heaven 7/8" Spill Control Anti-Fatigue Mat Brady Absorbant Mats
    May be used in conjunction with an absorbent pad for oily work areas. Recessed tray holds the absorbent pad inside for maximum protection against spillage, slip/fall, and minimizing contamination around work areas. more info
    Eco-Friendly, High Performance Sorbent Products from Brady more info