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Socket Solutions from Prime Distributing

Prime is recognized throughout the U.S. as a niche supplier for socketing semiconductors, especially for test & burn-in sockets. Our long-time vendor relationships of over 30 years make it possible to offer better pricing and delivery in most situations.

Prime lines include most leading-edge Test & Burn-in suppliers plus some of the best prototype socket suppliers, and over 80 suppliers for compatible and cross-over to production & MRO requirements. Prime offers both off the shelf sockets as well as Custom Design. If you are in need of a custom solution, Prime Distributing requires a device drawing in order to match your project needs with the proper manufacturer.

During the course of the project, the lead times may vary as these types of packages are custom designed with the corresponding engineering counterparts at the manufacturer to create a socket special to your package needs. We are experts at managing all different project sizes.

We make it easy to work with our Technical Sales Representatives who not only understand the critical nature of a new package, but are highly skilled to manage your needs with those of the manufacturer.

We take the lead as part of our continuing promise to deliver excellent socket solutions, to free up your time for the additional project(s) currently working.

Prime Distributing's technical sales consultants work closely with our customers and vendors to define product requirements. From our extensive network of resources, Prime will search and find hard-to get products outside our standard offering. We are sensitive to project deadlines and work diligently with our manufacturers to provide the quickest turnaround times available.

Outstanding service with fair pricing is Prime's specialty. Prime's mission is to build satisfying relationships and to make a difference.

High Performance Sockets Test and Burn-In Sockets (Zero Insertion Pressure)

Reliability and performance is important. Prime offers High Performance Test Sockets from several manufacturers and will quickly match your requirement with the appropriate socket design.

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Standard devices include: CSP, BGA, LGA, QFP, QFN/MLF, PGA, SOIC, SOJ, TSOP, TO, DIP, SIP. Custom sockets are available for non-standard devices.

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High Reliability Sockets for Prototype Adapters, Converters, Correct-A-Chip

High reliability sockets utilize screw-machined terminals with redundant, multi-finger contacts to ensure reliable performance even in harsh environments.

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When a component or IC becomes obsolete or hard to get, adapters facilitate the use of a newer or more available IC.

View Adapters, Converters, and Correct-A-Chip

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Production Sockets Contact Pins

Production sockets are used for quick removal and exchange of IC devices. Contacts are typically stamped and formed for lower cost.

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The H-Pin is a stamped spring probe with the mechanical, electrical & thermal performance of a spring probe & the ease of use and high volume manufacturability of a stamped contact.

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Socket Accessories

A selection of essential products for working with semiconductor devices.

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Learn more about the lines we carry:
Ironwood Electronics
Ironwood Electronics: Niche socket manufacturer specializing in GHz sockets and committed to developing new technologies and methods especially for testing ICs at high frequencies, i.e. BGA and QFN sockets for test at >75GHz with smallest footprint for prototype/ test applications at a pitch of 0.15mm to 1.27mm with 5 day delivery. An extensive variety of adapters is available for BGA/SMT, prototype, conversion and fixes adapters.
Advanced Interconnections
Advanced Interconnections: Prime Distributing is a long-time stocking distributor for high reliability sockets from Advanced, home of the world's first removable terminal carrier, Peel-A-Way, and now leading supplier for rugged, high density B2B SMT Connectors. High reliability socket connectors are sought by telecommunications, military, automotive development, high-end computer servers, medical equipment, and wherever interconnect validation is required.
Plastronics Sockets and Connectors
Plastronics: Invented the first open-top socket for production burn-in of LCC and PLCC packages. .Now offering the most comprehensive QFN product listing in the world, as well as finished sockets to fulfill burn-in, humidity, failure analysis and test requirements for leaded, LGA and BGA devices.
Loranger International Corporation
Loranger: Designs and manufactures sockets, printed circuit boards and environmental systems for electronic test and burn-in. The database includes over 3,000 sockets, including 1,100 QFN sockets.
Wells CTI Sensata Technologies
Well CTI/Sensata: Offers semiconductor interconnect burn-in sockets in the latest package technologies, including:
BGA (Ball Grid Array) and CSP (Chip Scale Packages)
Pb(Lead) and Pbfree (Lead-free) solder
POP (Package on Package)
SIP (Single Inline Pin)
Stacked die
Stacked package
Aries Electronics
Aries: Manufacturer of IC interconnections including Correct-A-Chip technology. Known for sockets ranging from high-end Test, Test/Burn-In, High Reliability sockets and adapters to low-cost production sockets. Aries offers assembly service including placement of solder balls on ceramic PC Boards & Connectors
Enplas Logo
Enplas: Globally renowned for high precision plastic injection molding technologies as well as a leading manufacturer of IC Test and Burn-in sockets. Texas-based sales teams provide product expertise and customer support unparalleled in the burn-in socket industry.
Yamaichi Electronics
Yamaichi: Known for Board-to-Board / Board-to-Cable and I/O (In-Out ) connectors. The product range also includes excellent high speed connectors and cables, state-of-the-art Memory and SmartCard solutions as well as the new AdvancedMC connector technology. Yamaichi offers a Production Socket portfolio used in development or prototype phases as well as IC updating, to include: Dual Inline Packages, Quad Flat Packages and Arrays.
Contech Solutions
Contech Solutions: Custom design and manufacturer of IC Test interfaces for the semiconductor industry. A supplier to the medical electronics industry with innovative test interface solutions. Known for outstanding quality and prompt delivery.