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Binocular Microscopes Eyepieces
Microscopes for all industrial, electronic, and medical manufacturing applications.
All eyepieces are 30mm diameter and it fit most scopes. Eyepieces are use to increase magnification while retaining the same working distance; however, it will decrease the Field of View.
Heads (Bodies) Objective Lenses
Microscope bodies for all series.
Objective Lens is use to increase or decrease magnification and working distance.
Light Sources Stands
Ring Lights, LED, Pipe Lights, all light sources can be found here.
Track stands, boom arms, articulating arms. Many styles available.
Video Capture Accessories
Cameras, video couplers, monitors. All the items you need to record or capture images.
Bulbs, polarizers, and other miscellaneous Scienscope accessories.