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SMT Storage & Products

Metro SMT Products make chip reel and stencil storage and transport easy with both pre-configured kits and standalone shelves to give you exactly what you need for your production. We carry a selection of SMT products that are ESD-safe (with the use of a grounding cable) and offer a variety of capacities and accessories.
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SMT Support Products SmartTray System Chrome Reel Shelving
Various carts and accessories for transporting and positioning items within workers reach. QESD carts feature removable soft conductive mats that are ideal for transporting electronics WIP. more info
Designed to maximize productivity by accelerating throughput, minimizing PCB handling damage and providing superior ESD protection. The 18"x26" footprint handles multiple-sized boards. more info
Metro's Super Erecta-based SMT Component Reel Shelving offers an efficient method of storage and transport for standard size component reels. These Super Erecta Brite plated shelves can be mixed and matched with standard Super Erecta shelving, posts, and casters to create a reel handling and storage system to address many PCB manufacturing needs. more info
PCB Handling Tray Carts Kitting Carts
PCB handling units come in many sizes and capacities. The smallest are hand-held carriers that have a capacity of up to 20 full-size boards. We also offer horizontal hold carts with capacities up to 212 boards. more info
Economical solution for storage and transport of trays. End-load models provide a large tray landing area, side-load models are highly space efficient. Durable Super Erecta Brite finish. more info
Metro Kitting Carts provide efficient handling of totes, PCB carriers, trays, or other material handling containers. Available in single, double, or triple bay configurations. more info
Totes and Tote Accessories ESD Casters, Sleeves & Grounding Cables
The Metro Tote Box Line offers safe and efficient storage of items in bulk, or in compartmentalized fashion with the use of optional dividers and covers. more info
Use with Super Erecta, Super Adjustable 2, or MetroMax Q ESD posts to meet your special needs. Each caster comes with a donut bumper at no extra charge. more info