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Quantum Wire Shelving Units Quantum Bins & Complete Storage Systems
Wire Shelving Units Add-Ons
Chrome Chrome
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Black Black
Green Epoxy Green Epoxy
Quantum Storage offers the largest collection of Industrial Plastic Bins and Warehouse Bin storage systems. From rugged stack and hang bins to durable shelf bins and containers, their injection molded plastic bins are strong and versatile.
Stem Caster Carts Utility Carts

Stem casters allow push and pull from any direction with easy pivoting, even when load bearing.

Improve versatility for food services in hospitals, hotels, production floors and more. Dual U-handles, donut bumpers, and swivel casters with wire or solid shelf combinations provides easy turning and multi-directional function.

Individual Wire Shelves Shelving Accessories

Assemble your Quantum Shelving Units using snap sleeves and secure locking joints. Connect multiple wire shelving units with integrated "S-Hook" designs and achieve continuous runs in side-by-side, adjacent, or back-to-back configurations. Support 600 - 800 lbs. per shelf with minimal accumulation of particulate, optimal air circulation, and unrestricted pass-through of light.

Posts, Clips, Wheels, Baskets, Enclosures, Covers & More

Casters Grid-Store Wall Mount Storage System

Customize caster add-ons with various points of swivel, and construction for mobility on any surface. Make shelving units mobile quickly and easily.

Organize and store small, medium, and large size items in a configurable, wall mounted grid. Heavy-duty brackets secure panels to walls or flat surfaces for achievement of a dust and dirt free storage solution.

Wall Mounted Shelving Quantum Cart Covers

Quantum's cantilever shelving is an excellent way to create storage space when floor space isn't available. Simple in design, the cantilever shelving system is easy to assemble and install.

Protect items stored on shelving in storage or in transport. Choose from 400 denier nylon or 10 gauge clear vinyl.

Quantum Plastic Mat Wire Shelving Units Quantum Wire Shelving Posts
Quantum plastic shelving units are perfect for home or commercial use. Everything needed to create a 72" height, four shelf unit ships complete in one convenient box!

Achieve any post height with threaded post connectors. Laser printed assembly grooves on 1" centers ensure quick and accurate shelf positioning, assembly, and height matching.

Security Carts Enclosure Carts

Stationary and mobile security units prevent theft while enabling high-visibility oversight of internal contents at all times. Each storage unit has a double door design.

Keep contents from moving or falling off during transportation. These enclosures feature rods and tabs which transport heavy, large-size items.

Modular Tray Carts High Density Track Storage

Tray carts are offered in half size and full-size units. The easy sliding trays handle works in progress by enabling easy assess, quick placement, and quick removal.

Shrink floor space requirements for dense shelving units by attaching industrial grade, ball bearing coaster tracks. These tracks connect your existing Quantum shelving to either the ceiling or floor. Instead of an aisle in between each shelf, shelves slide together and apart as needed using just one aisle way.

Want more options? Metro offers quality shelving and furniture! Shop popular options below or Click here for more.

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Metro is the premier brand of wire shelves, offering durability and unique features that make it the best choice for your workplace, industrial or retail space.
Metro also provides polymer storage shelves for cleanroom and lab environments, and mobile solutions too, like carts, dolly trucks and security cages.

Metro Wire Shelving features:
Chrome, Stainless Steel, Black & Green Epoxy Wire Shelf Finishes
Available in black, chrome, green or stainless steel.
800 lb. Wire Shelf Capacity
800 lb. load bearing capacity per shelf!
Double Grooved Post Design
Intuitive Post Design
Double grooves every 8" provide easy shelf positioning guides.
Lever Release Super Adjustable Wire Shelves
Superior Adjustability
Split sleeves or lever releases allow for easy 1" adjustments.
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Pre-Configured Wire Shelving Units (4 or 5 Shelves, Starters or Add-Ons)

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MetroMax i Polymer Shelving Unit
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MetroMax Q Epoxy Coated Polymer Shelving Unit
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