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Protektive Pak ESD Packaging Solutions
Protektive Pak Bin Boxes Protektive Pak Board Handlers Protektive Pak Foam
An economical method of storing static sensitive electronic devices. more info
Portable ESD worksurface that can also be used to transport populated, unsoldered circuit boards. more info
Non-contaminating, non-sloughing, and non-corrosive. Perfect for providing both ESD and physical protection. more info
Protektive Pak Hinged Boxes Protektive Pak In-Plant Handlers Protektive Pak Lead Chip Carriers
Securely snaps closed to prevent accidental opening and provides ESD protective storage. more info
Provides ESD and physical protection for ESD sensitive circuit boards and components. more info
For handling, storing, or shipping small components. more info
Protektive Pak Organizers Protektive Pak Pro-Mats Protektive Pak Reel Storage
Increases productivity by organizing and standardizing bottle and tool placement at the workstation. more info
Economical ESD worksurface. Antistatic, low charging dissipative surface. more info
An economical method of storing reels. Indexing ribs prevent reels from rolling when stored. more info
Protektive Pak Shipping Boxes Protektive Pak Storage Containers Protektive Pak Totes
An efficient means of shipping small ESD sensitive items. With lid closed box forms a "Faraday Cage". more info
Provides ESD and physical protection for ESD sensitive items. Optional lids available. more info
Used to transport or store ESD sensitive items. When carrying, conductive handles provide path to ground. more info
Protektive Pak Trash Receptacles Protektive Pak Trays
An economical ESD protective product to replace high charging plastic trash cans. more info
Replace wooden and on-edge circuit board racks; these trays are superior for transporting boards. more info