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What is a Particle Counter?

Particle counters measure the amount of particulate contamination in the air, liquid, or surface being tested. Particulates can be any type of biological contaminates, such as mold, dust, ash, or oil. The information particle counters gather is invaluable to professionals in the pharmaceutical, electronic, and food safety industries.

Types of Particle Counters:
Handheld: These basic models are easily transported and can take samples just about anywhere.
Portable: Portable laser counters are larger, heavier, and contain more features than handheld counters.

Need more information about selecting a particle counter?
Kanomax Guide to Selecting a Particle Counter
Making ISO Cleanroom Certification Easy
Airy Technology Particle Counters Models P311 & P611 Kanomax 3-Channel & 6-Channel Handheld Particle Counter Kanomax Model 3910 Airborne Particle Counter
Particle Counters from Airy Technology are available in 3- and 6-Channel models and feature a comfortable handheld size and brilliant color LCD display.

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Kanomax's innovative Handheld Particle Counters (Models 3888 & 3889) are on course to set the standard of instrumentation in cleanroom/operating room monitoring and verification, filter testing, IAQ investigation, data center cleaning and plenty more more info
• Featherlight with an ultra-small footprint
• Large Color Touch Screen
• Multi-parameter: Particle, Airflow, Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure
• Multi-standard mode: ISO 14644, FS 209E, BS 5295, EC GMP
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