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PanaVise Products Inc.

PanaVise features a wide variety of state-of-the-art vises and work holding devices. All designed around their patented "split ball" design, which allows for positioning your work on three planes. You can "tilt (180°), turn (360°) and rotate (360°)" your work all from a single knob.

PanaVise vises and work holding devices are perfect for hobbies and crafts, industry, electronics, wood working and wood carving, small home repair and any work bench environment. Our extremely versatile vises and work holding devices have hundreds of uses only limited by your imagination. All of PanaVise's vises and work holding devices come with a "lifetime warranty" and are guaranteed to make any project more productive. PanaVise, "better then a third hand!"

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Electronic Work Center PV Jr. Combination Vise Head & Base
Electronic Work Center
Our Price: $89.99
This complete package creates an economical work station with everything right at your fingertips! Perfect for arts and crafts, jewelry and model making, electronics, and other small projects!
PV Jr. Vacuum Base Standard Panavise
PV Jr. Vacuum Base
Our Price: $31.49
Standard Panavise
Our Price: $49.49
Ideal for light-duty field repairs, electronics, hobbies and more! Attaches securely to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface. The ORIGINAL small vise!
Curcuit Board Holder Rapid Assembly Curcuit Board Holder
Curcuit Board Holder
Our Price: $35.99
Our Circuit Board Holders help you work quicker and smarter! For quick circuit board rotation and component insertion/soldering, nothing beats this work holding tool for speed and versatility.
Multi-Purpose Work Center Panavise Vacuum base
Multi-Purpose Work Center
Our Price: $89.99
Panavise Vacuum base
Our Price: $67.49
Perfect for home repair or hobby needs! Quickly attaches to any smooth, non-porous flat surface with the flip of a lever! Take it anywhere you need it for hobbies, electronics and small home repairs.
Micrometer Stand
Micrometer Stand
Our Price: $44.99
Gently, yet firmly, holds micrometers of all sizes. Can also hold small PC boards and other objects