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Milagon Work Matta Ergonomic Mats
  • A Floor Above A Floor:

  • The Matta concept "A Floor Above the Floor"™ is the result of extensive research and development to design a specialized safety surface system with scientifically proven ergonomic and health benefits. Matta's flooring tiles incorporate a unique understructure of "Compression Columns"™ that act as springs when weight is applied to the surface of the tile to counter the negative effects of impact or standing for prolonged periods. This ergonomic concept has been shown to significantly increase user comfort.
  • An Enviromentally Sound Choice:

  • Using recycled materials reduces waste, conserves energy and cuts out the greenhouse gases produced during the manufacture of virgin materials. Compare using recycled Work Matta™ with the impact of using virgin materials* for 2000 square feet of PVC safety surfacing:
  • It reuses 3 tons of nonrenewable petroleum based products that otherwise would have ended up as trash.
  • It saves the release of the equivalent of 8 x 1,800 square foot houses full of environment spoiling CO2 gases generated by the manufacture of virgin product.
  • It locks up 18.5 tons of CO2 that would have been released into the atmosphere if the 'donor' products used for recycling had been abandoned to disintegrate.
    *Calculations based on American Institute of Chemical Engineers figures from Chemical Engineering Progress, page 58-63, July 2002. 2.25kg CO2 / kg PVC is produced when making PVC.
  • Work Matta Benefits:

  • Unique design with ergonomic & health benefits
  • Workplace safety advantages
  • Simple & adaptable modular system
  • Sound environmental choice
  • Durable & robust recycled materials
  • Easy to clean & low maintenance
  • Matta 5-Year Warranty
  • View the Work Matta Installation Diagram HERE
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