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Split Sleeves Post Clamps & S-Hooks ESD Accessories
Replacement adjustable split sleeves available in a variety of finishes. more info
Clamps & S-Hooks securely join individual or add-on shelving units together. more info
Make any Chrome or Stainless Shelving ESD Safe. more info
Baskets Hanger Rails Foot Plates & Glides
Wire baskets provide convenient storage that attaches quickly and easily. more info
Hanger rails attach between posts for easy hook attachment. more info
Stabilize your shelving and protect your floors with these foot plates and feet glides. more info
Garment Hanger Tubes Label Holders Ledges
Garment hanger tubes attach easily to the underside of any wire metro shelf. more info
Label your shelves for easy identification with these snap-on plastic label holders. more info
Prevent items from protruding from or falling off of your wire shelving with these shelf ledges. more info
Post Hangers Rods and Tabs Shelf Hooks
Post hangers that swing to provide convenient storage for hanging items. more info
Rods and Tabs form side and back enclosures for a shelving unit. more info
Snap-on multi-purpose hooks attach to hanger rails. more info
Shelf Inlays Shelf Dividers Shelf Plugs
Two types of shelf inlays, Black and white reversible and clear. more info
Corrosion-proof shelf dividers efficiently compartmentalize your wire shelves for better organization. more info
Plugs used to cover the corner holes on shelves supported by S-Hooks instead of posts. more info
Three-Sided Frames Tray Slides
Three-Sided frames can provide additional support or facilitate access to the floor in lieu of a bottom shelf. more info
Tray slides free up shelves for more efficient use of space. more info