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Metro Security Carts

As the economy wobbles, theft rises. Protect your supplies and inventory with Metro Security Carts!

Even during good economic times office theft is extremely prevalent, with about 58% of employees admitting to theft of office supplies such as pens, pencils, sticky notes, printer paper, ect. This type of theft may seem harmless but can cost companies thousands of dollars in replacements costs.

This type of employment theft affects not only offices, but every type of business, from food service to retail to manufacturing. One solution to the problem of office theft is to create a sign out program for every material in the workplace. Each item is checked in/out and accounted for, but the problem with this type of inventory control is that it creates a lot of paperwork, and any savings generated by this method usually ends up spent on hiring another employee to track and manage supplies.

A simpler solution is to implement Security Storage into you facility, these units are caged on all sides and can be locked, preventing access to everyone but authorized users. By keeping supplies and valuables locked away theft and supply cost should drop dramatically, saving your business money!

Looking for more options? We offer Security Carts from Olympic as well as Nashville Wire.
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