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OKi Metcal PS-900 Soldering System
Perfect for Lead-Free Hand Soldering

Solder Demanding Loads with Consistent Results

The OKi PS-900 Soldering System, powered by SmartHeat® Technology, is part of a new generation of cost-effective soldering systems from OK International. The PS-900 packs power and provides exceptional thermal control into a small benchtop footprint. The PS-900 provides operators the repeatability to produce high quality solder connections with exceptional speed.

PS-900 Soldering System Includes:
  • PS-PW900 - PS-900 Power Supply
  • PS-HC3 - PS-900 Soldering Handpiece with Cord
  • WS2 - PS-900 Autosleep Workstand with Sponge
  • AC-CP2 - Tip Cartridge Removal Pad

    The PS-900 increases productivity by performing a wide range of applications. It is suited for lead-free soldering processes, multilayer boards and thermally demanding components. What's more, SmartHeat technology enables the PS-900 to solder at lower temperatures, even for such demanding applications as lead-free soldering processes. This means operators are more productive and materials are safe from damaging temperatures.
  • Below you will find the PS-900 Soldering System and a variety of our frequently used PS-900 Heater Tips. If you are looking for PS-800 heater tips, accessories, or spare parts click here

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    OKi Metcal PS-900
    PS-900 Soldering System
    Our Price: $258.40
    Packs power and provides exceptional thermal control into a small benchtop footprint