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Vision EVO Cam Video Inspection Vision Mantis Compact Microscopes
An advanced full-HD digital microscope with stunning full-HD 1080p / 60fps live video image quality, simplifying magnification tasks to allow you to focus on the detail. Effortlessly capture full-HD images direct to USB memory stick.
Mantis combines the viewing ease of bench magnifiers with the high resolution and magnification of a microscope. The Mantis large viewing area promotes maximum comfort while producing razor sharp, three dimensional stereo images.
Vision Mantis Elite Microscopes Vision Accessories
Mantis Elite is a high performance stereo microscope, offering superb optical performance with magnification options up to x20, making it a perfect alternative to more traditional stereo microscopes. Large fields of view and generous working distances permit a wide range of inspection, preparation and manipulation tasks, all with exceptional hand-eye coordination.
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