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Look for the PACE Lead Free Symbol

The PACE lead-free symbol is not only an aid in recognizing quality lead free products. It is a symbol of PACE’s commitment to our customers and the environment. PACE Worldwide is systemically upgrading all of our manufacturing processes to meet the world’s lead-free requirements. The presence of a Lead-Free logo indicates that a particular system is fully compliant with lead-free manufacturing requirements.

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PACE introduce MBT 301

The MBT 301 is a self contained, dual channel station that offers high capacity, low temperature SMT/Thru-Hole soldering and desoldering.  The MBT 301 features the power of SensaTemp and ThermoDrive technology in one complete unit.

A new pressure/vacuum control and SX-80 desoldering handpiece delivers precise solder extraction.  The TD-100 handpiece benefits from PACE's patented Tip Heater technology and features precision control with responsive thermal recovery.  The easy to read LCD control panel displays both channel's status simultaneously and the menu driven control is uncomplicated with added features such as temperature setback and password protection.

Optional handpieces include the PS-90 soldering handpiece, MT-100 MinitTweez, TJ-80 ThermoJet precision hot air pencil and TT-65 ThermoTweez.  The MBT 301 may also be equipped with the PS-90n or TD-100N Nitrogen assisted soldering irons for high performance lead-free soldering.  An N2 adaptor is also required.


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PACE 8007-0478
MBT 301 Digital SensaTemp/TempWise Soldering/Desoldering Station
Our Price: $1,198.77

Multi-technology system with two individually controlled, universal handpiece channels
PACE 8007-0480
MBT 301 Digital Power Supply
Our Price: $926.33

Allows two SensaTemp or TempWise Handpieces (IntelliHeat) to be plugged in
PACE 6993-0278-P1
MBT 250/201 Black Connector Handpiece to MBT 350 Blue Power Source Adapter
Our Price: $23.64

Adapter allows MBT 250/201 Black Connector Handpieces to be used with the MBT 350 Blue Power Source