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Worklon® manufactures cleanroom and controlled environment apparel and accessories for the ultimate defense in particle control, electrostatic dissipation, fluid resistance and bacteria filtration for peripheral areas of the High Tech Industry. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Lab Wear is offered in a variety of fabrics and styles. Superior specializes in managing comprehensive apparel programs, and is dedicated to servicing the Healthcare and Cleanroom markets.

Taffeta Garments
Burlington C3 Garments
Maxima HD Garments
• Recommended for General Cleanroom Use
• Non-ESD Material
• Most Affordable Material Available
• Excellent for General Electronics Production
• Best Performing ESD-Safe Material
• Looser Weave Than Maxima For Better Breathability
• Best for General Pharmaceutical Use
• ESD-Safe Materials
• High-Density Weave Creates A Fluid Resistant Barrier

1057 Easy On Hood
3508 Raglan Sleeve Frock
1208 Hypalon Sole Shoe Cover
1051 Easy-On Hood
3450 Raglan Sleeve Frock
1911 Raglan Sleeve Coverall
1153 Hypalon Sole Boots
1154 Pullover Hood
1188 Easy On Hood
3511 Raglan Sleeve Frock
1955 Raglan Sleeve Coverall
1201 Hypalon Sole Shoe Cover
1212 Hypalon Sole Boots

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Accessories Coveralls Frocks
  • Facemask
  • Hanger Bags
  • Apron
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  • Knit Sleeves
  • Raglan Sleeves
  • Many Fabrics Available
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  • Knit Cuffs
  • Zipper Fronts
  • Many styles and fabric available more info
  • Hoods Intersuits Shoe Covers
  • Full face pullover
  • Open face pullover
  • Open face with front snaps
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  • Worn under Cleanroom garments
  • Static dissipative material available
  • Limited linting fabrics
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  • Hypalon Soles
  • Molded Soles
  • Durasole
  • Chemstat Sole
  • Fibrosole
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