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High Reliability Sockets for Prototype

Prime Distributing is a long-time stocking distributor for high reliability sockets, as well as the world's first removable terminal carrier, Peel-A-Way®, and now leading supplier for rugged, high density B2B® SMT Connectors and the BGA 1.0mm socket adapters.

High reliability sockets utilize screw-machined terminals with redundant, multi-finger contacts to ensure reliable performance even in harsh environments.

High reliability socket connectors are sought by telecommunications, military, automotive development, high-end computer servers, medical equipment, and wherever interconnect validation is required.

Prime Distributing is proud to be an authorized distributor of Advanced Interconnections
and Peel-A-Way® products for over 25 years, and we're here to help you.
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High Reliability Sockets for Prototype

BGA Socketing Systems Board to Board Socket Connectors

Ball grid array (BGA) sockets with solder ball terminals feature multi-finger, highly reliable contacts for superior reliability.

Maximize PCB real estate by converting LGA to BGA conversion for board to board (B2B) applications. Test, validate, develop, and produce socketing applications for BGA and LGA devices with Flip-Topô BGA test sockets.

Mezza-Pede™ connectors pass telecom requirements for 20-day mixed glowing gas tests. Dense, heavy-duty, low-profile B2B SMT connectors provide polarization for success of blind mating applications.

Thru-Hole connectors include single, dual, and triple row designs with unique options for staggered patterns, right angle connectors and Peel-A-Way™ technology. Right angle connectors feature 0.100" (2.55mm) pitch and single or dual row models.

IC Sockets & Adapters Package Conversion Adapters

SIP, DIP, and LED sockets and adapters feature tapered entry for ease of insertion with a choice of molded and Peel-A-Way™ insulators.

Pin grid array sockets reduce insertion force and eliminate the need for waver soldering in mixed SMT/Thru-Hole applications. Image sensor sockets protect sensor performance by insertion after the reflow soldering process.

Use SOIC to DIP adapters for soldering or socketing dual inline (DIP or DIL) applications e.g., convert Gull Wing or PLCC devices for soldering or socketing in a Thru-Hole application.

Contact us for hundreds of customized stand and custom designs available for SMT and Thru-Hole applications.

Peel-A-Way® Removable Carriers Screw-Machine Terminals
Single, dual, and triple row designs combine the labor of socket loading and soldering in to one process.
See a complete catalog of screw-machined sockets, interconnects, terminals, and test pins with spring pin designs available on custom basis.

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