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Tweezers Cutters Pliers
With many different styles to choose from, Prime has the best selection of tweezers for any application.
Our large selection of cutters has options for every application, from industrial to hobby.
Hundreds of pliers to choose from some of the best manufacturers on the market.
Screwdrivers & Wrenches Cleanroom Blades Torque Drivers
Single screwdrivers, as well as screwdriver sets.
Personna blades provide better sharpness no matter what you are processing. Reach for Personna, the best Industrial blades in the business.
Pneumatic and electric torque drivers options.
Vacuum Pick-Up Tools Cordless Power Tools Mechanical Pulse Tools
Virtual Industries product line features hand tools that replace tweezers or other gripping means for many applications.
Panasonic's Tough IP Cordless Power Tools feature long-lasting batteries that offer approximately 27% more working capacity than their competitors.
Panasonic's Mechanical Pulse tools feature CPU-controlled auto shut-off and deliver accuracy with virtually no torque reaction up to 650Nm.
Precision Clutch Tools Quality Control Monitoring Panasonic Accessories
Panasonic Precision Clutch Tools are ergonomic, accurate and repeatable, and feature a 60 stage adjustable clutch for user-controlled torque.
Panasonic Tool Assembly Qualifiers provide versatile error-proofing, utilizing wireless transmitters located in the handles of tools.
Batteries and chargers exclusive to the Panasonic line of assembly tools.
Heat Guns Sturtevant Richmont Torque Calibration Systems Browse by Tool Manufacturer
Steinel heat guns have built a reputation for using state of the art technology to maximize precision and durability.
Ensuring that the tools used to apply torque and those used for auditing have been properly calibrated and remain in calibration is the foundation of every torque program. "Best practice" for today's programs includes a two-step system of certifying and regularly checking each tool.
We carry most products from some of the leading tool manufacturers today. Excelta, Erem, and Panasonic offer a diverse range of tool for a variety of tasks.
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