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Eagle Gowning Racks Eagle Cleanroom Shoe Racks
Eagle gowning racks are designed for efficient storage of garments in the cleanroom. The Stainless steel construction offers a non-contaminating surface that eliminates particle shedding. The electropolished models feature electrochemically passivated surfaces for the most demanding requirements. more info
Wire shelves offer the optimum combination of laminar flow and ventilation for the storage of cleanroom shoes. Rods & tabs run though the shelves to create the cubbies for each pair of shoes. more info
Metro Garment Racks CleanPro Custom Gowning Racks
Metro garment racks are designed to provide efficient storage of cleanroom garments. Hangers are spaced at 3" intervals. Type 304 stainless steel hangers are included. more info
Electropolished and Brushed Finish gowning racks and helmet storage. more info