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5S Floor Tape & Floor Signs

What is 5S and how can it benefit your workplace?

5S is a method for organizing a shared workspace (like a manufacturing or factory floor), and keeping it safe and organized. The key tenets of 5S are workplace safety, efficiency and morale:
Safety: Standardized, high-visibility signage facilitates immediate understanding.
Efficiency: By assigning everything a location, time is not wasted by looking for things.
Morale: The decision making process usually comes from a dialog about standardization which builds an understanding between employees of how work should be done.

Floor Marking Tape Rolls Floor Marking Corners, Pux & Footprints
Floor Marking Tape from DuraStripe, Brady, and Accuform are high-quality brands that allow you to quickly and easily lay down straight, visible lines that are durable and long lasting. more info
Make your floor safety tape professional-looking with these easy-to-install corners, pux, footprints & more. Our durable brands of aisle marking tape are designed specifically not to come up or take damage from foot or forklift traffic. more info
Floor Safety Signs Wall Safety Signs
DuraStripe, Brady, and Accuform provide a wide variety of high-visibility, durable floor safety signs. We have many different directional and warning messages that promote worker safety and efficiency. more info
Wall signs cover a wide range of messages, including ANSI and OSHA approved designs in your choice of standard adhesive, heavy-duty, or a non-adhesive plastic. more info
Controlled Area Signage Lock Out/Tag Out Safety Tags
Quickly identify areas, devices and assemblies that are susceptible to ESD. more info
Keep operators safe by locking & tagging faulty or broken tools and equipment. more info
Accuform Marking Tape & Safety Signs DuraStripe Floor and Aisle Marking Tape
These items will not only help you stay in compliance, but come with added benefits such as documented cost-savings, tools to create standardization across your enterprise, and products designed to promote your unique corporate branding and messaging. more info
DuraStripe started out as the revolutionary aisle striping solution. The line has now evolved to become the best 5S tool! It offers exceptional durability (2-year warranty), and no-trouble application & removal. more info
Brady Floor Tapes & Signs Printers & Labeling
Quickly lay down smooth, straight lines without the help of coworkers.
• Can be easily applied by one person working alone
• Stiff polyester with liner prevents tape stretching and
reduces wrinkles and wavy,
uneven lines
• No special floor preparation
required just clean with
common cleansers
more info
Create your own signs and labels quickly with a variety of printers. From small wire labeling to pipe marking and wall signs, the freedom to make exactly what you need is yours. more info
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