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Atrix vacuums are specially manufactured to create a safe path for static electricity to drain to ground. If you service and clean any type of electronic control equipment, using an ESD safe vacuum is a must to prevent electronic equipment interruptions, failures, and downtime.

Using Atrix vacuums reduces any chance of damaging components when cleaning computers, copiers, file servers, multi-function printers, X-ray, cat scan, MRI, medical, pharmaceutical, robotic, ATM, gaming, radar, GPS, and many other electronic control equipment.

Atrix Express Series Vacuums & Accessories Atrix High Capacity Series Vacuums & Accessories
The Express Vacuum comes with an ESD safe hose, ESD safe round dust brush, ESD safe gooseneck, ESD safe crevice tool and power cord. The complete system is grounded from the tip of the hose through the end of the power cord. more info
These vacuums feature a large, 5-gallon capacity filter with a quieter, more powerful motor. This cost effective solution is designed for the user working with high volumes of fine, dry particle dust. more info
Atrix Omega Series Vacuums & Accessories
The Omega Supreme Plus is the quietest, most powerful service vacuum available. The new motor uses less energy than a standard service vacuum. more info

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