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Cleanroom & Presaturated Wipes Cleanroom Tape Gloves, Finger Cots, & Glove Liners
A wide variety of cleanroom dry and presaturated wipes for all classes.
Particle-free, residue-free, durable solutions for critical environments.
We carry gloves that are safe for critical and cleanroom environments, made out of the safest materials like Latex, Nitrile & Vinyl.
Disposable Cleanroom Garments Head & Face Covers Launderable Cleanroom Garments
Disposable garments are excellent for on-site jobs, guests in a facility, or when washable garments are impractical. Made tough and tear-resistant they work well in many applications and environments.
Masks, Veils, Bouffants, Beard Covers & Hoods.
Why throw away a garment every shift?  Save thousands in disposal charges by using launderable cleanroom garments.  Several fabric and styles available for every cleanroom classification.
Shoe & Boot Covers Cleanroom Anti-Fatigue Mats Cleanroom Blades
Cleanroom Boot & Shoe Covers from Valutek, Dupont & MaxShield.
Cleanroom Safe Anti-Fatigue Mats for critical environments.
Personna blades provide better sharpness no matter what you are processing. Reach for Personna, the best Industrial blades in the business.
Paper and Notebooks
A Cleanroom environment requires a specialized paper that won't introduce any contamination like particulates or filters.
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