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What was the product that was right there at the beginning of the cleanroom industry? Thats right- the Liberty Shoe Brush Machine! An entire industry owes its beginnings to the Shoe Brush Machine created at Liberty Industries over 45 years ago.
Redesigned to keep pace with the changing requirements of the cleanroom industry, Liberty is so far ahead of its nearest competitor thats its no contest. No one comes close to the Liberty Shoe Brush Machine.
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Liberty 2001-TB-LIB Liberty 2010SC-LIB
Shoe Brush Machine, (Requires In-House Vacuum) Size: 19"x39" (with handle) Self Contained Shoe Brush Machine
Liberty 7345-LIB Liberty 104 Vacuum, 4 Gallon, Dry Only
Manual Shoe Cleaner
Our Price: $80.00
Manual Shoe Cleaner Use vacuum to connect to shoe cleaner where central vacuum is not available.
Liberty AS-5 Vacuum with HEPA Filtration, 3 Gallon, Dry Only Liberty 101 Solenoid Connector Kit
AS-5 is recommened to be used with Liberty shoe cleaners model 2001TB and 100FJR. 30" crush-proof vinyl hose with male and female connectors at either end.
Liberty 351 Bull Dog® Stainless Steel Shoe Brush Machine Liberty AS-10 Vacuum with HEPA Filtration, Dry Only
Used properly, the Bull Dog® could significantly reduce your annual maintenance costs for high traffic areas.