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We carry a number of air measurement and control instruments, including particle counters and anemometers, currently utilized by industry professionals for monitoring and control of air temperature, humidity, flow and particulates. These devices are vital tools for maintaining constant air quality and comfort in critical environments that include cleanrooms, laboratories, medical facilities and factories.
Particle Counters Kanomax Climomaster™ Series Anemometers
Particle counters are sophisticated instruments used to monitor particulate contamination in air, fluids, liquids or on surfaces. They are often used to monitor such things as dust, smoke, ash and even wear particles. more info
The Model 6501 Series Climomaster is a multi-function hot-wire anemometer with detachable compatible probes. It can simultaneously measure and display air velocity, flow rate, humidity, temperature and differential pressures. more info
Kanomax Anemomaster™ Air Flow Meters
Anemomaster Air Flow Meters from Kanomax measure the speed of air moving through a device in a defined time segment. more info