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Gowning Benches Cleanroom Tables & Workstations
Eagle Type 304 stainless steel tables are available with solid or perforated tops, brushed or electropolished finish. All perforated tops have 3/4" perforations on 1" centers, allowing for 40% laminar flow.

Custom Cleanroom Tables also available from CleanPro.
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Cleanroom Chairs Waste Management
The chairs that you will find in this section are made specifically for the cleanroom environment, including ESD Safe cleanroom environments. more info
Whether you need to safely dispose of hazardous materials such as syringes or just general waste, you will find the receptacle for your application here. Five styles to choose from. more info
Gowning Room Mirrors Laminar Flow Benches
Free-standing, wall mounted or attached to a gowning rack, we have the type of mirror best suited for your gowning room. more info
We offer a comprehensive line of clean benches and workstation models incorporating either HEPA or ULPA air filtration systems. more info