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CleanPro Critical Environment Monitoring Solution :
Get real time reporting, alarm conditions, and instant traceability.

CleanPro's Monitoring Solutions are sophisticated computer-based monitoring systems for critical applications. They are ISO-9001/2008 certified and the development processes meet cGMP standards. In addition to SCADA and general process control systems, there are over 200 systems installed in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing operations throughout the world.

What CleanPro Monitoring Can do for You

CleanPro Monitoring is an incredibly easy to configure and use monitoring system that can...
Monitor just about anything including temperature, humidity, airborne contaminates, water quality, laboratory equipment, energy and water consumption, weather instruments, production information, and thats just to name a few!
Receive measurement data via a LAN or the Internet from a single appliance to hundreds of sensors in multiple facilities scattered throughout the globe.
Alert the appropriate personnel to abnormal conditions by local alarm or via email, text message, pager, and voice telephone.
View current measurement values and see trends from anywhere using a simple web browser.
Record measurement data as well as hourly statistics for later recall and analysis.

All access to the system is done using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox over a LAN or the Internet under strict password control. Monitoring points are organized by groups and departments. Users can be assigned to one or more groups with a specific role that limits what they can see/do.

The system is built around a standard SQL database that contains all settings, measurement data, and related information. It meets the monitoring and data security requirements set forth by various agencies including the FDA (21 CFR part 11)

All remote devices have data buffering and local alarm detection capabilities so no measurement data is lost during LAN/Internet or server interruptions. In addition, all sensors and other monitoring instruments can be easily field-calibrated with the available service tools.

Straightforward Architecture

The general architecture of a CleanPro Monitoring System is incredibly simple and easily understood as shown in the diagram below.

One or more remote device controllers continually gather measurement information from the attached sensors and periodically send it to the host server via a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. The server processes the data, and if an abnormal condition is detected, the appropriate users are alerted via email, pager, text message, and voice telephone. In response to an alert, users can log onto the system using a simple web browser and see the current conditions, as well as acknowledge the alarm and provide an assignable cause. The diagram below shows the basic structure of the server software.

The measurements, along with hourly statistics for every monitoring point, are stored in the SQL database for future reporting and analysis. A variety of easy to use standard reports are available. Since all of the data is contained in the database, custom reports can be easily generated with Microsoft's Reporting Services that come with the database management system.

Remote Monitoring Stations

The diagram below shows a remote data acquisition controller called an "eLink" to which is attached a number of instruments and data acquisition units called "I/O Pods".

The User Interface is Easily Mastered

Login with your user ID and password and immediately see any alarms that have been detected in the Group(s) you are allowed to access.

One or more monitoring groups (departments) can be created within a CleanPro Monitoring System. Users can be given access to one or more of these groups. Whenever a user logs onto the system, he or she must supply a User ID and Password. The system uses the user ID to determine what to include on the homepage. If a user has access to multiple groups, the multi-group status page is displayed showing a list of all the monitoring points where an abnormal group status page is displayed showing a list of all the monitoring points where an abnormal condition has been detected. In addition to the alarm list, the overall status (number of alarms, warning, errors) for each group is displayed in a list. The user simply clicks on a hyperlink by one of the groups to open the group status page for that group.

The Group Status page contains an alarm list for that group as well as a table containing all of the current measurement values, name, location, units of measure, update time, ect.

The user can select one or more monitoring points (1 & 2) to plot a trend chart or generate a report, acknowledge an alarm, ect.

The diagram below reveals the utter simplicity of the CleanPro Monitoring interface.

Quick Access for Everyday Tasks

Login and select the type of report from the list under "Reports" on the main menu. This will display a window that will allow you to select the Group to be reported on. This, in turn, will display a list of all the monitoring points in the group. Select one or more points (or "All") that will be contained in the report. Finally, select the date/time range and click the "Generate" button. The report will be displayed on a new page where it can be downloaded or printed.

Unrivaled Support

Any sophisticated system requires a certain amount of ongoing care. This usually falls on the shoulders of the IT department. In most organizations, IT is overwhelmed with work and simply cannot take on another responsibility. CleanPro's System Admin Support package and the concept of Group Administrators eliminate the need for direct IT involvement, other than maintaining the server computer hardware.

Group administrators and department or group supervisors typically handle routine tasks of managing user accounts, adding and removing sensors, modifying alarm limits, and similar functions. These can all be done in CleanPro Monitoring Systems with minimal training and no formal knowledge of computers and electronics.

The System Admin Support program provides the following services:

Automatic Installation of Server Software Patches and Updates

During the support agreement period, server software maintenance releases (patches) and system updates will be provided free of charge. We will automatically install any patches that will not compromise system validation, and you will be notified accordingly. We will obtain your approval prior to installing any system upgrades and software that provides new capabilities before installing them.

Telephone and Email Technical Support

We will provide telephone and email technical support during normal business hours (8am to 5pm EST). Our initial response time is guaranteed to be within one business day. You will be provided with a special telephone number and email address to obtain technical support.

Monthly Review of System Operation

A representative from out technical staff will log onto your system once a month and review its operation with an eye on identifying any system level problems. If any potential or actual problems are detected, we will take corrective action. We will notify you of the action taken via email. If your assistance is required to make the correction, we will email our designated contact person with the necessary requests or instructions.

Respond to System Level Problems as they are Detected

Systems belonging to customers who have subscribed to annual support are configured to automatically send CleanPro Monitoring an email describing any system level problems that have been detected. We will respond to these as they are received. You will be notified via email with any actions taken.

Priority Response to On-Site Support Requests

On-site support is provided at our normal rate plus expanses. We will make every effort (but not guaranteed) to respond to emergency situations within 24 hours.

Highly Scalable System

A small CleanPro system (10 points) can be inexpensively implemented using a Windows-XP workstation computer as the server, and installing the Express addition of MSSQL server (free from Microsoft). Although the number of simultaneous logons and database size is limited, it provides a very useful and reliable system for a small lab or clinic.

The same software used for the 10-point system is used to implement a system capable of handling a thousand monitoring points. Of course, a full server class computer as well as the Standard or Enterprise Edition of MSSQL will be required.

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