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BioFit Quick Ship Chairs ship within four days for orders of 15 chairs or less! Get the seating you need Fast!

BioFit for Industry
It's no secret that industrial environments are naturally tough on seating. But that won't stop BioFit for Industry chairs from rising to the challenge every time. Built to meet the needs of leading automotive suppliers, assembly plant operations, and general tool and die companies, along with heavy equipment manufacturers, BioFit products maximize productivity while minimizing repetitive motion and lower back injuries.

Perhaps just as importantly, because BioFit has a long and distinguished history in the field of ergonomics, you can rest assured that we will help you assign the right chairs to the right task. For example, in hand assembly, glides may be more desirable than casters for greater stability; and in tall work stations, footrests may be a preferred feature to relieve back strain.

BioFit MVMT Series Chairs BioFit BE Series Chairs
MVMT ergonomic seating is changing the dynamic of the seated worker experience in today's workplace, combining a forward-looking European perspective with the BioFit tradition of technological precision and proven durability.
Larger & more ergonomic with great durability. Used in industrial, lab, healthcare, and critical environments. Available for Quick Ship.
BioFit BT Series Chairs BioFit EE Series Chairs
Durable, tough, & reasonably priced. Used in industrial, lab, healthcare, and critical environments. Available for Quick Ship.
Large ergonomic contour seats are a comfortable solution in plants, labs, offices, and cleanrooms. Available for Quick Ship.
BioFit ET Series Chairs
Ergonomic support in these chairs makes them a win-win proposition for industrial applications as well as lab, office and cleanroom. Available for Quick Ship.