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Inventory Management is complicated. Let us handle it.

Prime VMI is designed to take the responsibility of inventory management off of your shoulders. Partner with us and start reaping the benefits today!

Lean Manufacturing
� Improved inventory control reduces your carrying costs and overstock inventory.

No More Stockouts - Prime VMI software automatically reserves and replenishes your stock when inventory runs low.

� Save on freight costs by consolidating shipments.
Save Time
� By consolidating your vendors, you reduce the purchase orders you have to cut by as much as 70%.

� Reduce time spent on inventory management and data entry.

� Our web-based VMI Software portal is accessible from anywhere.
Save Money
� We agree on pricing beforehand. No surprises when you receive the invoice.

� Your pricing is based on total usage instead of per-purchase quantities.

� Time is money! The consolidated purchase orders, vendors and reduced stockouts save on your overhead costs.

Prime VMI Handles All Types of Inventory Management.

Vendor Replenishment Programs

The vendor receives electronic data about your product sales and stock levels. They are responsible for creating and maintaining your inventory plan. You own the materials.


The vendor owns the inventory and places it at your location. You are billed when the inventory is consumed.

Third Party

A third party receives electronic data about your product sales and stock levels. They are responsible for creating and maintaining your inventory plan. You own the materials.

Prime's Collaborative Inventory Management

Prime Distributing's VMI Program has you covered with a fully-featured solution that can satisfy the requirements of several types of inventory management programs, including Inventory Control, Vendor Managed Inventory, Replenishment Programs, and Inventory Consignment.

Prime VMI Automates Ordering, Shipping, Receiving & Invoicing

You send a usage report to Prime VMI with one PO/Invoice, then we work out the details with the vendor to replenish the orders sent, finally the vendor warehouse sends replenished inventory to your warehouse.

VMI Software Features

Inventory Management Screen Shot
Inventory Management
� Graphs show relative stock levels

� High-visibility low stock warnings

� Re-plan function automatically creates replenishment orders based on preset min/max inventory levels

� Most on-screen data can be exported to Excel with one click
VMI Transactions Screen Shot
Recent Transactions
� All transactions are time stamped and updated in real time

� The user is recorded for each transaction along with optional reference fields

� Reports can be filtered by any field to show only the relevant data that you need

� Date range filters for transaction reports
Inventory Management Screen Shot
Customizable Menus
� The menus can be tailored to show only the tasks you need, making learning the system easy for any level of experience

� Different menu options can be added based on how you use the software

� Web-based software means you can access it from any internet-enabled device

VMI Automated Secure Storage Systems

VMI Automated Secure Storage Systems
Reduce Shrinkage, Decentralize Materials and Track Costs
• Decentralize storage and use of materials - Storing and organizing items at the work center where they are used reduces the need for employees to leave their work area, increasing productivity.

• Cabinet access can be restricted by username, password, security card or any combination of the three.

• Centralization of information provides centralized monitoring to assure process efficiency, standardization and cost control.

• With an intuitive user interface, optional touch screen display and bar code scanning technology this system is fast, easy and self serve.

Complete Information Transparency

Your, the vendor's and Prime's warehouse have secure access to inventory levels and other important data.
Prime's VMI Software allows all parties to securely access information, including:
• Warehouse Inventory Levels
• Customer Forecast Data
• Lead Time Data
• Purchase Orders and Invoicing
Prime's VMI Software allows for complete control of access to your data with customizable user roles:
• Administrator - Responsible for maintenance and security
• Buyer - Your buyer who oversees the purchasing, which can be segregated between several users
• Vendor Representative - Vendor Customer Service representatives who oversee the vendor program
• Shippers - The vendor's shippers responsible for fulfilling inventory orders
• Receivers - Your users who are responsible for receiving inventory orders
• Planners - Users who match inventory levels with forecasted demand

Save Time. Reduce Costs.
Intuitive Software. No More Stockouts.

Those are the benefits. Ready to take the next step?

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