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Keep buildings clean and safe using a three stage entry mat system.

1. Outdoor Scraper Mats
These mats are made to be outside 24/7. They have rougher textures to aggressively scrape away any dirt stuck on shoes, before it ever has a chance to get inside your building.
2. Entryway Wiper/Scraper Mats
These mats typically have a sturdy, bi-level surface of carpet fibers to scrape any remaining dirt while absorbing water.
3. Interior Wiper Carpet Mats
These are carpet mats with a softer feel, meant to trap small amounts of dirt and water while protecting your floors. They are perfect for areas like service counters.

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Andersen Outdoor Mats Waterhog Entryway Mats from Andersen
Outdoor "scraper" entryway mats are made to be outside 24/7, with rougher textures to aggressively scrape away large amounts of dirt that can be stuck on shoes before it is introduced to the interior of the building. more info
Entryway mats work either indoors or outdoors and are "scraper" type mats, meaning they remove and retain most debris and moisture before people enter the building. These mats are best used in conjunction with an interior "wiping" mat. more info
Andersen Interior Mats
Interior mats are considered "wiper" mats which help remove remaining debris from feet after one has passed over a "scraper" type mat. These mats are best placed indoors and located after a scraper type mat to further reduce the amount of debris entering your building. more info