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Andersen Company:
America's Performance Mat Manufacturer

The Andersen Company has become a leader in the development and production of solution based high performance mat products. Andersen's commitment to high quality and innovation are known worldwide, and their continuous development of new technologically advanced mat products assure the end user that Andersen Mats are unparalleled in quality and performance. Some of Andersen's notable innovations include:

Rubber gripper backing for minimum slipping on all floor surfaces and longer service life without cracking and curling associated with vinyl backed mats.
Rubber reinforced polypropylene face fiber in a bi-level construction will not crush for the life of the mat.
A water dam around the perimeter of the mat to keep water from reaching the floor minimizing slip/fall hazards.

Andersen's product offering has steadily grown to include many styles of mats from entrance mats, interior finishing mats, to industrial mats, anti-fatigue mats, and traction control mats. Whatever type of environment you are working in - Andersen has a solution!

Andersen Anti-Fatigue Mats Andersen Entrance Mats
Andersen offers a large variety of Anti-Fatigue Matting. Find mats for any type of workspace: dry areas or dry areas, kneeling mats that would be great for automotive work, and many other options including mats what can hold absorbant pads (also available from PAC). more info
Keep your building clean and safe using a three stage entry mat system. Use Outdoor Scraper Mats to stop dirt before it gets inside, Entryway Wiper/Scraper Mats to clean up remaining dirt and trap water, and Interior Wiper Carpet Mats to protect your floors and provide comfort and safety. more info

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Mat Rental vs. Purchase

Many of Andersen's mats use a significant amount of recycled materials in their construction,
Click this link to view a list of products and their recycled contents.