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Despite major online retailers offering "rock bottom" prices on commercial wire shelving, the savings do not translate to your budget. Because the cost of shipping varies dramatically by location and weight, most wire shelving competitors don't offer free shipping.

Quantum Wire Shelving Covers Quantum Wire Shelving Posts
Heavy-duty, made of 400 denier nylon or 10 gauge clear vinyl.
Chrome, black, stainless steel, & epoxy shelving posts.
Quantum Wire Shelving Casters Dolly Frames
Pneumatic, polyurethane, indoor/outdoor wire shelving wheels.
Modular dolly frames allow you to convert standard shelving units into heavy duty transport carts.
Enclosure Panels ESD Accessories
Modular enclosure panels are used to create secure storage for mobile carts and standard shelving units.
Creating an ESD shelving unit is easy! By replacing standard split sleeves with ESD-safe ones, and adding a drag chain, your unit is protected.
Handles Hang Bars & Rails
Guide your mobile shelving unit easily with a comfort grip handle. Choose a finish to match your unit: Chrome, Stainless, or Black Epoxy.
Hang items on your unit, or hang items and accessories on the sides, its up to you! Hang bars and rails makes customization easy.
Label Holders Shelf & Post Accessories
Keeping your storage organized is easy with Quantum's variety of label holders. They snap on quickly and hold labels securely.
Want to bolt your shelving unit to the wall or floor? Or add inlays to enhance your shelving? Quantum makes customizing your units easy with various options.
Shelf Dividers Shelf Split Sleeves, Clamps & Hooks
Adding dividers to your shelving can improve organization by keeping products separated.
Add shelves, build and join units; Split sleeves, clamps, and hooks allow you to create the perfect shelving unit for your applicaation.
Shelving Ledges Tie Bars
Protect items from falling off your shelving, or create a more decorative look by adding shelving ledges to the back or sides of the shelving.
When creating mobile units, you have the option of adding rigid (non-swiveling) casters. These rigid casters require a tie-bar to ensure alignment.