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Foamtec Brand Swabs Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Stencil Wipes
Foamtec swabs are used in a wide array of applications including those in Hard Disk Drive, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Optics, Fiber Optics, Forensics, Pediatrics, Veterinary, Drug Delivery and Diagnostic applications.
Wipes (All Brands) Swabs (All Brands) ACL Brand Staticide® Products
We've hand-picked the best wipes for the following applications:

All-Purpose Wipes
Presaturated Wipes
Cleanroom Wipes

We've selected the best swabs for the best value, with a variety of tip materials like cotton, foam and polyester.

• Antistatic Solution
• Staticide
• Dust Remover
• Floor Finishes
• Lotions & Soaps
Chemtronics Brand Cleaning Products Microcare Brand Cleaning Products Contec Brand Swabs
Chemtronics has a complete line of ultra-pure solvents, cleanroom-grade swabs and wipes, and precision rework and repair tools for the electronics maintenance and repair industries.
MicroCare's Trigger Grip™ system reduces the amount of solvent used during cleaning, and minimizes the labor required to clean, both of which saves money.
Cleanroom Swabs made of Cotton, Foam & Polyester. Autoclavable Swabs also available.
Soft-Tech Brand Wipes Teknipure Brand Wipers Easy Braid Stencil Rolls
Larger wipes for less! Save 35-40% over Kimwipes®.
Perfect for: manufacturing, lab safety, electronics, cleanrooms, printing, optical, safety supply, framing, acrylic design, drafting/graphics, office supply, high-tech, healthcare, aerospace, photography, autobody repair, and much more.
Teknipure maintains complete control over the manufacturing of its products from start to finish ensuring the strict control and selection of raw materials, throughout converting, processing, packaging, and finally testing all in controlled environments.
Easy Braid has Stencil Rolls for: DEK, EKRA, FUJI, MPM, PANASONIC, SMTECH, along with Stencil Wipes in 3 Sizes.
Brady Absorbent Mats
Eco-Friendly, High Performance Sorbent Products from Brady
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